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The regular front vise is 7" × 14 3/4" overall with a 7/8" dia. screw and clamping capacity of 8 1/4" (less the thickness of your wooden jaws).Our large front vise is 10 1/2" × 21" overall with a 1 1/8" dia. screw, and 13" clamping capacity (less the thickness of your wooden jaws).

Twin Screw Vise. (Doppelspindelzange). Wichtiger Hinweis: Wenn Sie zu den Leuten gehören, die sich eine Gebrauchsanweisung erst dann anse-hen, wenn schon etwas schief gegangen ist, dann sollten Sie hier eine Ausnahme machen.
A more traditional alternative is Lake Erie Toolworks, which sells a fantastic premium wooden screw kit to make a twin screw vise for $365 or you can buy one screw for other alternatives like leg vises. Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen both make hardware for twin screw vises. These are amazing products.
Joseph Moxon's twin-screw vise has been on my To Do/Must Have list ever since Chris Schwarz published his model and demonstrated its value as a It is not as though I could not use a vise such as this. In fact I needed this weeks ago when I began building a couple of military chests with many...
Outfitted my workbench with a Veritas Twin-Screw vice. Unboxing and installation video. Manual:
Jul 24, 2012 · Lie-Nielsen has been using this vise on its Roubo workbench, but it will also be available on the company’s Improved Workbench for an upcharge of $250. The chain-drive mechanism negates the need for a parallel guide or pin. In other words, it stops you from stooping. It works very well.
Moxon vise woodworking plans for AskWoodMan's extra capacity design. Attach this versatile and portable vise to any surface in your shop! Hardware kits too!
Here’s my take on the bench screw(s) of Moxon & Holme. The “single bench screw” is the one fitted through the piece fixed to the front edge of the bench. For edge-planing and similar applications I found I need some way to support the other end of the stock & I opted for a “deadman” that slides on runners attached to the lower rail of ...
Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event Cancelled. Date: Friday and Saturday April 17th and 18th, 10:00 t0 5:00 ... Tool Making, Make a Moxon Double Screw Vise, a Marking Gauge ...
Making This Twin Screw Gear Linked Vise. Revisit The Twin Screw Vise. Making A Moxon Vice Scrapwood Challenge Ep30. Installing A Nicholson Style Vice. Super Simple Track Saw.
I added a Lie-Nielsen Twin Screw Vise and an extension with a Pattern Maker Vise opposite it. I can clamp a 9' long board using the jaws of both vises. After four years with the Veritas twin screw vise I am replacing it with the Twin Turbo vise from Andrew Klein.
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  • When I invested in the Veritas twin screw vise, it made all the holes that much more important. Don’t get me wrong, some day I’ll build a thick Roubo bench with dovetailed legs, wooden threaded leg vise, and a nice tail vise, with significantly less dog holes. I don’t plan to do it for awhile though.
  • Jul 19, 2012 · A: Absolutely not. The Crisscross will work with any leg vise design. Whether it be a wood screw vise, or a typical metal screw vise. We haven't tested the Crisscross on "Nicholson-style" angled leg vises. Q: I already have a Glide, will it work with the new Crisscross? A:Yes. You'll have to build a new chop though.
  • Makers of heirloom quality woodworking handtools. Provides photographs, description, price, scheduled shows, ordering, and contact information.
  • Solidly built with mortise-and-tenon joints, lag bolt construction and a 1" thick top made of solid birch, it is sturdy and stable to support work. The work surface measures 34 1/4" long by 14 1/4" wide (excluding vises), and has paired rows of 3/4" diameter dog holes in line with the vises. The 14 1/4" wide face and end vises have 4 3/4" of…
  • Lie Nielsen Chisel Plane ... Parker vise union $150 ... Screw Extractors, E-Z Outs, Hacksaw Blades, $1 (wdc > Each Stevensville Md) ...

afternoonstandtea 🙆Etsy. The decking calculator helps you estimate the cost of building a deck by ... flowers next to your deck or maybe building a pool to cool down in during hot summer days. ...

Lie-Nielsen vs Veritas, loose tenons and bed rails, and refurbish vs new planes. ... Workbench vises, twin screw vise, moxon vise, tail vise, shoulder vise, leg vise ...
Nov 10, 2019 · And the weekend before the ATC class (July 18-19), I’m teaching a two-day Moxon Vise class at Port Townsend…because that shop fixture is a godsend when dovetailing large panels. Those tend to cup a bit, and the Moxon vise (aka twin-screw vise) flattens ’em right out, making transfer easy.

VERITAS Twin-Screw Vise, Quick-Release Front Vise, Quick-Release Sliding Tail Vise, Inset Vise Canadian-made front and tail vises are innovative products. These vices made by Veritas in Ottawa are worth the high price due to unbeaten fine workmanship and detailed installation instructions.

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